04 March 2008

those pesky green beans.

The one thing that I failed to mention in the previous post is the one thing that we almost forgot to eat! Thank goodness for Megan and her memory.

When shopping for the goods we needed for our fabulous meal, we decided we definitely needed something green and healthy to complement our pasta. We thought briefly about brussels sprouts, but, after remembering the shallot sitting at home on my counter, ultimately decided on harcot verts with shallot and butter. During the all the cooking an churning of burnt ice cream, we sauteed the the chopped up shallot in some butter, added the green beans and heated them through to just hot but still crisp and green. Realizing that we still had some time to kill on the pasta, we stashed the lovely beans in a warm oven for safe keeping until we were ready for them. Well, in all the hustle-bustle of the meal, those little beans were forgotten in their warm oven. It wasn't until mid pasta did we remember them and I went running to the kitchen to fetch them. In a last minute flash of brilliance, we sprinkled some extra breadcrumbs on top. Although forgotten until almost too late, those beans had heart... and tons of flavor. They joined our meal happily and we were happy to have them.

It is too bad that these little guys were forgotten again by my silly brain as I was writing about the meal. Please forgive me, little beans.

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