13 February 2008

in the beginning.

It has taken me much to long to do this. I am a person who, when I turn on the television, i immediately tune to the food network. A person who, when entering a bookstore, heads straight for the cookbook section. A person who, when recieveing wedding gifts, is most excited about the pots and pans. And finally, a person who spends as much of the day as she can reading food blogs online.

So, why, you may ask, has it taken you so long to write a create a food blog of your own? To document all your lovely kitchen creations and share them with the world? And I will answer truthfully: laziness. I have been stuck to the couch watching the food network. But I am now up and ready to work hard in the kitchen. To break out my trusty camera and learn how to be a food photographer (my two loves come together! food and photography! how can i go wrong?).

I hope that those of you who join me on this journey will enjoy yourselves and that you too will give up the laziness and make a little love in the kitchen.

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