13 February 2008

the simple life.

I am sorry to all those who may be disappointed in this, my very first food post. It isn't really a recipe. It is more of an homage to brown butter. I, myself, have never know the joys that brown butter can bring. Sure, I had heard the words "brown butter sauce," but, until making it myself, I never appreciated how fabulous it really is. Flavorful, nutty and so very easy to create! I am amazed.

Dinner tonight was pumpkin tortellini in brown butter sage sauce. It was frozen tortellini, but it still tasted fabulous. Someday I'll try my hand at making it myself, and I'm sure you'll join me in that adventure, but tonight was not the night. Tonight was a night for quick and simple, yet tasty. On to the brown butter... two tablespoons of unsalted butter gave me the perfect amount for my single helping of tortellini. Place in a fry pan over medium high heat and allow to melt. Continue cooking the butter, swirling the pan to prevent burning, until the butter becomes a golden color and begins to smell nutty. At this point you can toss in any of your desired fresh herbs or other flavoring. I used sage and let it crisp just a touch before I added my cooked pasta and tossed it about.

I promise to include a real-live recipe next time. There are a lot of cooking plans for the near future... and some from days past that i wil also share soon. Until then, enjoy your butter. It's yummy.

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