22 July 2008

a short time out.

I should have posted this earlier... but things around these parts have been quite busy. So I am writing now to tell you that there will be a small pause in posting. My husband and I finally sold our house and are moving back to the home state of Nebraska. Which means the next few weeks are going to be filled with moving and cleaning and painting and such... oh, and a short little trip to Scandinavia with my dad and little sis. Plus, we have canceled the internet at home in the hopes of saving some cash-ola, which means all the photos on my computer and stranded there unless I can get it into work, which is difficult on crutches. Oh, yeah, did I mention that I am on crutches? A lovely stress fracture has decided to grace my shin and I am supposed to crutch around for two more weeks. Awesome.

So, dear friends, I will post when I can, but my guess is it won't be until our internet is turned on at the new house. So expect something new at the end of August. Maybe the awesome ribs I made for the 4th of July! I will have lots of time since I will be working from home. Hooray!

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