15 September 2008

crazy easy.

There are some nights when you want some thing really good, but all you really want to do is sit and relax. That is where this recipe comes to the rescue. Its simple. Almost boring... but not boring in flavor.

I am a huge fan of brie. I there is something on a menu with brie, there is a good chance I am getting it. It is such a beautiful smooth cheese and I just love it. A little brie, some avocado and a baguette... best snack you can get. I randomly ran into this recipe somewhere, in fact I don't think it was even a recipe, but just a mention of the idea somewhere and I immediately wrote it down on a post-it to make asap. Brie and pears. How can you go wrong?

Brie and Pear Quesedillas

4 flour tortillas (taco/medium size)
Brie cheese (you decide how cheesy you want them)
1 pear cut into thin slices.
a handful of fresh spinach, just wilted in a little olive oil

Layer the cheese, pear and spinach onto two tortillas and then top with the other two. Spray a bit of olive oil onto a non-stick pan and fry the quesadillas at medium high until golden brown and crispy and heated through. Done. Yum.

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